How to Pick the Right Phone For You?

It is good to find a new phone today because of the increased capabilities of the new generation mobile devices that are coming in. The Huawei p70 belongs to these smartphones that are packed with a number of features and perks. In this article, you will find out the ways on how to pick the perfect phone this year.

What to Look for in a New Phone

Big battery

One of the first specifications that you should search for in a new phone is the battery. Your phone will only be as good as the battery of your device. If you have a big battery, you can be sure that you can make use of all the other features of your mobile device throughout the day. The Huawei p70 is a smartphone with a 4900mAh battery capacity. This feature is partnered with a fast charging capability to ensure that you can always be on the go without the worry of losing battery life.

Wireless charging

Another feature that you should take into consideration is wireless charging. in this day and age, your smartphone must have wireless charging capability so that you can keep yourself focused on your tasks at hand and not be bothered with plugging your phone through a cable. Your phone must have wireless charging. If your phone can also do wireless reverse charging, it is a nice add-on to the features of the device.

Drop resistant glass

Your phone must be able to maintain its form and function even if it is dropped accidentally to the floor. A fully capable phone should be equipped with a glass that is durable and reliable. It should not break nor shatter when you drop it. Companies like HUAWEI have used their research to come up with Kunlun glass, a type of glass that can keep itself intact. The latest phones from HUAWEI are actually installed with second-generation Kunlun glass. It has a drop resistance increase of 100 percent.

Bright Display

The part of the phone that you would most interact with is the screen. You should make sure that your display is big and colorful. It should have a high pixel density and peak brightness. To keep a smooth and buttery movement and scrolling on the phone, it should have a refresh rate of 120Hz. Having a good and bright screen display will ensure that your mobile phone use is enjoyable and immersive.

Powerful cameras

The cameras of your phone are essential because you are going to use these components every day whether at work, in school, or during your leisure activities. The cameras should provide you with images that are clean, colorful, and crisp. The images produced by the cameras should contain clear details so that you can document your life through your phone.

How to Pick the Right Phone For You?


Now that you know the ways to find the right phone for you, it is best to understand the perfect place to look for it. You must check out the line-up of the HUAWEI devices this year, particularly, the Huawei p70 phone. This is a special phone that you should seriously consider as your next device. It has all the essentials that you need on a mobile phone. Make sure to know more about the HUAWEI Pura 70 so that you can make an informative decision on your next device.

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